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No two similar or identical companies exist. And it can be safely assumed that when they are rooted in different countries, their variation in management culture is even more confounded. Therefore the task for an international combination ought to be to strike a balance between the two ‘blood groups’. That is par excellence Visionex’ expertise.


Visionex is neutral, and has therefore no preferences for the Dutch ‘polder model’ or the Latin approach usually applied by the French. Visionex provides insight into the differences of the management culture in the Netherlands and France, and how to address these differences in the routine of corporate life. The relationship between the private and public sector also differs  fundamentally in France and in the Netherlands. This topic, often overlooked, gets also the full attention of Visionex.


In the French-Dutch interplay of forces Visionex distinguishes all the degrees between long and short term, consensual and directive, deliberation and hierarchy, collegiate and individual, informal and formal, freedom and control, etc. Visionex develops practicable cooperation protocols geared to any specific combination. It is essential not to mask contrasts, or worse to deny them, but to tackle them properly. The result will be a truly international, future proof organization.


For specific technical skills, Visionex can call on its extensive network of specialists who have proven to be experts in their field of competence.